Wildwind Studio

John Ellis

Master Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America.

The only constant is change!

From flower to butterfly to bird to building, everything can and usually does change in my world. Looking around I see the obvious beauty but possibly also the wisps of a wild wind or the trails of where things have been. I see compressed and stretched worlds and the signs that over time beauty revealed may need to be looked for by opening much more than our eyes. By opening our minds.

Artists 'capture' our imagination. From portraits to landscapes, from a still life to fantastic worlds and more, artists have a vision and passion to create or capture something from, sometimes, nothing. They may have inspiration and musings from a multitude of sources but whether it's the paintbrush and canvas or the stone and chisel, or my medium of choice, the camera and computer, these are just tools to realize an artists dreams. For the true art, no matter if it's Cézanne or cell phone, is the artists mind.

Metamorphosis is not only one of my favorite pieces and the underlying theme in much of my work, but it signifies the changes to my own life over the past year. Changes that afforded me the opportunity to devote myself to fulfilling dreams held long and dear to me. That, and the support of friends and especially family helped keep my passion burning bright. I am a true believer in holding on to dreams.

It can take anywhere from 10 to 25 hours to create Wildwind Floral, Butterfly or Bird Portraits and each image consists of 75 to 200 digital layers. The Warped World architectures take an equal amount of time but only half the amount of layers. Just as many ideas for my work come in dreams as in wakefulness, I have no control (nor filter, many say).